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What is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is the young, farm-grown wheat plant, harvested when the plant is at its nutritional peak. Organic wheatgrass powder and wheatgrass tablets are an easy way to supplement your vegetable intake. The nutritional benefits of dehydrated wheatgrass are equivilent to pounds of the best green leafy foods you could eat.

Why Should I Take Wheatgrass?

Did you know that only 26.3% of U.S. adults consume the recommended amount of vegetables? (CDC 2008). Wheatgrass can help those who don't have a serving of vegetables with every meal. Struggling with low energy levels or experiencing digestive issues can be symptomatic of an unbalanced diet. Many people turn to wheatgrass as an alternative treatment for many Health Topics including cancer treatment, ulcers, and infertility.

Isn't Fresh Wheatgrass Juice Better?

Many people have visited a local smoothie shop and experienced a shot of the green, slimey wheatgrass juice. To compare wheatgrass juice and dehydrated wheatgrass powder we must first contrast the Nutrient Profiles and then the Cost. Dehydrated wheatgrass is packed with more concentrated vitamins and minerals and costs significantly less than wheatgrass juice. Read more on our versus wheatgrass juice page.

versus wheatgrass juice

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Medium Wheatgrass Tablets (500 ct.)

Medium Wheatgrass Tablets


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