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Wheatgrass Benefits
  • Natural Source of Chlorophyll

• Aids in Digestion

• RDA of Green Foods

• Natural Detoxifier

• Anti Inflammatory

• Improves Liver Functions

• Stimulates Metabolism

• Eliminates Bacterial Growth

• Increases Energy Levels

• Increase Red Blood Cell Counts

• Renews and Builds Blood

• Produces Vitamin A

• Deodorizes Body

• Strengthens Immune System

Wheatgrass Juice Comparison
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Nutrient Profile
Amounts Based on Suggested Daily Consumption of 10.3 grams (3 Servings)
Chlorophyll54mgCrude Fiber2.4g
Cobalamin (B12).16mcgCopper51mcg
Folic Acid (B8)105mcgIodine21mcg
Niacin (B3)744mcgManganese1.1mg
Pantothenic Acid (B5)106mcgPhosphorus43mg
Pyridoxine (B6)119mcgPotassium300mg
Ribovlavin (B2)783mcgSelenium10mcg
Thiamin (B1)34mcgSodium2mg
Vitamin A (Betacarotine)4920 IUSulfur34mg
Vitamin C24mgZinc182mcg
Vitamin E954mcgZeaxanthin814mcg
Vitamin K102mcg  

  The major reason people choose to make wheatgrass a part of their life is the natural amount of chlorophyll it contains. Chlorophyll is very similar to the structure of hemoglobin which is why chlorophyll is considered the blood of plants.

The main benefits of chlorophyll are broken out into 3 sections:

1. Purification: chlorophyll stops bacterial growth in wounds and fungi in the digestive tract. Deodorizes: eliminates bad breath and body odor Removes drug deposits and counteracts all toxins, deactivates many carcinogens Halts tooth decay and gum infection (when used as a tooth powder)

2. Anti Inflammation: chlorophyll counteracts the following inflammations: sore throat, pyorrhea, gingivitis, stomach and intestinal inflammation, ulcers, skin inflammations, arthritis, and pancreatitis.

3. Renewal: chlorophyll builds blood, renews tissue, counteracts radiation, promotes healthful intestinal flora, improves liver function, and activates enzymes to produce vitamins A, E, and K.

  Wheatgrass contains enzymes which digest the toxins in your body. The toxins accumulated in your body are from foods which are unable to rid or digest themselves. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and P4D1 are part of the digestive enzyme that play vital roles in slowing the cell deterioration process thus slowing the aging process. P4D1 also serves as an anti-inflammatory. You will experience the cleansing process when using amOrganics wheatgrass, but don't panic - this means it's working!

  Wheatgrass contains about 20% protein; which is similar to the composition of most meats. However the amino acid / protein profile is quite different.

Vitamin A
  The chlorophyll in wheatgrass activates enzymes that produce vitamins E and K and help convert carotene into vitamin A. The green source of carotene converts more than twice as much of their carotene into vitamin A.

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