Wheatgrass Juice versus Dehydrated Wheatgrass

Fresh wheatgrass juice, also referred to as "tray-grown" wheatgrass, is grown quickly for ten (10) days under artificial conditions and contains far less nutritional content than naturally grown wheatgrass. Our wheatgrass is farm-grown and harvested during the pre-jointing stage when the nutrients are at the maximum level. The whole leaf wheatgrass is then dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and as many enzymes as possible (at this stage the wheatgrass is not dead, nor devoid of enzymes). Our wheatgrass is stored as compressed pellets in cool, dry facilities and turned into tablets and powder for human consumption.

There is no substitute for the 200 days of sunlight natural wheatgrass receives out on the farm. Our 100% organic wheatgrass is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers. This results in a product that contains an invaluable amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for your body.

Wheatgrass Powder = More Concentrated Nutrition

Fresh wheatgrass juice is 95% water and only 5% nutrition. The reputed advantage of wheatgrass juice deals with enzyme activity. However, a.m.Organics' wheatgrass is dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve as many enzymes as possible. The question then becomes, how many enzymes does your body need? Most experts think that your body manufactures all the enzymes it needs, and additional enzymes unneeded by the body are discarded as wasted. Wheatgrass powder can be added to any liquid and is much better value than wheatgrass juice. Compare the price per serving of our products to that of one wheatgrass shot in your local juice bar. You'll see our wheatgrass products are significantly more cost effective (less than $1 a serving).

Nutritional Comparison

  Dehydrated Wheatgrass Juice
Vitamin A1670 IU120 IU
Vitamin C8mg1mg
Sugars< 1%> 2%
Folic Acid21mcg8mcg

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  • Juice Bar wheatgrass is grown on trays indoors

  • Dehydrated wheatgrass is grown outdoors with 200 days of sunshine

  • Wheatgrass Powder and Tablets have more Protein, Chlorophyll, and Vitamins than juiced wheatgrass

Number of Days Grown

Dehydrated versus Tray-Grown Wheatgrass

Recommended Product

Medium Wheatgrass Powder (8 oz.)

Medium Wheatgrass Powder