Wheatgrass and Cancer

Just to be clear, amOrganic's makes no claim that wheatgrass therapy can cure cancer. As unfortunate as it is, we can attest that a significant percentage of our customers are either: (1) cancer patients undergoing chemo therapy, (2) individuals in remission, (3) cancer survivors, or (4) someone who has a loved one suffering from cancer. During their treatment or research of this disease they have heard of wheatgrass and contact us with questions about green food. We would like to thank our partners, like CancerTutor.org, for the support in answering the questions about how wheatgrass can provide some relief. Our goal is to summarize some of the key points and more importantly provide access to wheatgrass products that may help in cancer treatment.

How Wheatgrass Can Help in Cancer Treatment

The most obvious way wheatgrass can assist in the fight against cancer is by boosting the immune system. The masses, by virtue of the number retail and home juicing jumping up dramatically, should validate that wheatgrass powder strengthens the immune system and can reduce the frequency of common colds and increase the speed of recovering from colds.

After building a strong immune system, the key to killing cancer cells is oxygen. To lead an aggressive fight against cancer the body needs to produce more oxygen. Wheatgrass contains Chlorophyll which is considered the "blood of plants". The molecular structure of chlorophyll is similar to that of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Incorporating wheatgrass into the diet will help build and renew blood cells in the body and increase the oxygen available to fight the cancer cells. We encourage you to read more specifics about the treatment on Cancer Tutor's website.

Breast Cancer Recovery and Wheatgrass

Many doctors have shared stories where breast cancer has been treated with wheatgrass therapy. Anecdotal cases suggest wheatgrass has a beneficial effect on breast cancer and recovery. A post entitled, "Wheatgrass, the Path to Health", on Dr. Jeffrey Dach's blog reports of an individual diagnosed with breast cancer who chose to decline chemo treatment and instead opted for treatment at a wellness center specializing in wheatgrass and a vegetarian diet.

After three months, the woman reported that the mass in her breast has regressed and was so small that she couldn't even feel it. According to Dr. Dach, the story suggested a biologically active agent in the wheatgrass has a beneficial effect on breast cancer. Dr. Dach's discovered a book from the 1970's entitled "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally" by Eydie Mae Hunsberger, wherein the author attributed her recovery from fatal breast cancer to the teachings of wheatgrass and a live food diet by Ann Wigmore. According to the doctor, the beneficial anti-cancer effects of wheatgrass are thought to be due to abscisic acid, a plant hormone which delays germination. The article in no way advocates wheatgrass as a replacement or substitute for mainstream medical advice or treatment for any medical condition or disease.

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  • Oxygen is key to killing cancer cells

  • The chlorophyll in wheatgrass renews and rebuilds blood cells (oxygen)

  • Many turn to wheatgrass as alternative treatment

  • Wheatgrass boosts the Immune System
Cancer Treatment and Wheatgrass

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