Wheatgrass Can Help Fight Inflammation and Obesity

Obesity rates in America are climbing at alarming rates. A fact that is sometimes overlooked in the fight against obesity is that the chemical pollutants that inhabit our body contribute to the problem. Today we face chemicals from things like:
  • Pesticides (which are poured out without measure on crops grown for biofuel)
  • Herbicides
  • Non-food fillers in our food
  • Off-gassing from synthetics
  • Plastic byproducts in the bottled water revolution
  • Mercury in our teeth
  • Contaminants in our water
These toxins create inflammatory responses from the body. Under the stress of inflammation, minerals and vitamins are depleted, digestion diminishes, and your immune response becomes excessive but ineffective.

There are ways to protect yourself including learning to eat foods that are easily eliminated, such as green smoothies with wheatgrass powder (Shop Now). Additionally, you'll want to detox your liver (the organ that processes toxins). A liver cleanse should be used every 30-90 days. Make sure your liver cleanse regime includes wheatgrass to support the detox!

In our fight against inflammation and obesity it is important to be consistent. That's why amOrganics created a line of wheatgrass products that are easy to consume while on-the-go. No tray growing, no juicing; and more condensed nutrition.

Fight inflammation and obesity today with any of our Wheatgrass Products!

Source: Sellers, Katl. "It is Not Obesity: Inflammation may be Killing You". Natural News. Oct 1, 2009. Retrieved Oct 20, 2009. view source.

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